Binhost has been combined

So the web site that we were keeping separate for has been combined in to this web site. There is no a separate section under this web site that you can get to for the Binhost content.

The Binhost content is being updated at this time to contain all the information. We will be trying to update the arm content and keep updating the rest of the content. If you are using the bin host we will be glad to hear about the content you are using, or what to add to the binhost

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Compression of files using multithreading

archive-iconIn a lot of circumstances compression of large files is a necessity and the old compression tools just do not do the new multicore and multithreading systems justice.

I got such a need in my QEMU environment and decided to take the specific Linux based multithreading compression software to the test. ┬áThe premise is that to backup a disk file from a QEMU virtual machine (VM). The VM would be powered off and then the compression would begin, considering that the disk of the VM’s I am using are 40 Gb the compression of the system and the time the system is down becomes pretty important.

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